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On Fri, 2019-11-22 at 23:54 +0530, Sohom Datta wrote:
> Hi guys, I'm Sohom Datta.
> I recently decided to create a draft for an hypothetical extension
> ProtectionIndicator, which will add a protection icon on the top of every
> protected page. I did this primarily out of my own interest in getting
> familiar with the code-base of MediaWiki.
> I've hosted all the code I have written (still unfinished) in this github
> repository <
> http://github.com/sohomdatta1/ProtectionIndicator
> >.
> I'd like some guidance on how to implement the unfinished parts of the
> extension especially the integration with FlaggedRevs and the addition of a
> log entry to a popup ( Details are there in the readme.md of the repo) .
> Also any feedback on my code would also be very good.

Is this a call for potentially interested co-maintainers?
Or do you have specific implementation questions to share?

> Also, it would be great if somebody could guide me on how to make this a
> official extension someday.

Could you elaborate what "official" means, and what you expect from it?

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