I'm familier with the concept of compiling programs as I have compiled many
packages for Linux, but I'm having trouble figuring out exactly how I can
get set up to compile WinDump on my Windows 2003 workstation.

I would be very grateful if somebody would provide a list of things (such as
and files I need to download, or point me to a HOW-TO which explains each

For compilers I have Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 command line
from the Microsoft website.

Also I have downloaded cygwin and mingW32, but I can't seem to get MingW32
compile any programs with network support, and I can't seem to get cygwin to
compile any programs. But I'll be glad to try and re-install cygwin again.

If I can't make cygwin or MSVC++ to compile windump, I may have access to
other C compilers because the company I work for has an MSDN subscription.

If there is not already a HOW-TO page that gives these step-by-step
and I do get it all figured out (probably with some help from you guys),
I'll be glad to write a how-to page for new-comers (such as I am right now)
and either post it on my website or give you the HTML so you can paste it
into your windump website.

Thank you very much,


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