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> Hello,

> I use winpcap 2.3 for this, tell me if you need this version to build your
> bridge to send you the npf.sys modified, I dont know if this winpcap 2.3
> works with windows xp but it works fine with windows 2000

> the other option:

> You must alter the npf.sys driver (the pcap driver), in the write.c
> file of the source. It can be easely copied into the driver folder.
> In the write.c file, add the function call
> NdisSetPacketFlags(pPacket, NDIS_FLAGS_SKIP_LOOPBACK);  //
> funtion
> function, just before the packet is sent with the
> NdisSend(&Status, Open->AdapterHandle, pPacket); function.

My main problem is that I don't have a full MS compiler suite, so
I can't recompile the driver.  It appears to cost around $800
for the compiler suite, so I'd like to avoid that if possible!

How hard would it be to apply the same fix to the latest release and build an installable target? If this is difficult, do you have a packaged version of the 2.3 release? I would be happy to try it out on win2k and win-xp to see how it works for a bridge.

I would be willing to pay for a packaged version of winpcap that
supported bridging via the changes mentioned above...

> I would like that Loris Degioanni add this as a function of winpcap, because
> if you can write a bridge, you can also write a transparent firewall.

Me too...


> Regards

> David Rodriguez

-- Ben Greear <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Candela Technologies Inc http://www.candelatech.com

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