Dear Wireguard Community,

I have the problem that Wireguard on some systems and there only from time to time forgets to activate the tunnel at system startup. Mainly this happens after an update of the wireguard client or changes to the client config. If an admin then reactivates the tunnel, it will (mostly) run on the following system starts. My users have no way to disable the tunnel. At least in the past, but the problem has come up so often now that I've started making the LimitedOperatorGUI available to them to be able to activate the tunnel.

One user (Denis Brodbeck @ 2021-07-06 6:18 UTC) had already sent a mail to this list about this problem (Title: "wireguard-windows: client forgets after restart that there was an activated tunnel before and won't activate said tunnel anymore"), my environment and experiences pretty much match his descriptions. However, I am fairly unexperienced with mailing lists, so I don't know how to directly reply to that entry.

However, I have two systems so far where the tunnel never starts automatically on boot. On these systems I noticed that Windows notes a corresponding entry in the event viewer (translated from german to english):

Event 7023, ServiceControlManager: The service "WireGuardTunnel$HOST-WG2" was terminated with the following error: The requested name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found.

If I set the tunnel's service to Delayed Start, it works, but usually only some time after the user logs in. It also works if I start the service manually before Delayed Start becomes active. If I don't set the startup type of the tunnel to "Delayed start", the service entry for the tunnel disappears from the services list after the next restart (and the error message in the event viewer).

Hope someone has some pointers on how to resolve this.

Jan Petrischkeit

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