thank you for this information, I will take a look at that. Now I know where to look.

However, I am using the "endpoint-by-dns" for a specific reason:
In my area there is an internet provider which uses carrier grade nat in a strange way, so that no rdp session can be created over a wireguard tunnel if the ipv4 address of the server is used as endpoint. I created a dns entry for the wireguard server, so that in these cases the ipv6 address is used and the tunnel is established without the weird nat of the internet provider in between. Since not all people here have activated ipv6 in their home routers or have always an ipv6 connection while traveling, I cannot simply use the ipv6 adress in the config.


Am 28.09.22 um 19:23 schrieb Simon Rozman:

Event 7023, ServiceControlManager: The service "WireGuardTunnel$HOST-
WG2" was terminated with the following error: The requested name is valid,
but no data of the requested type was found.

The error message you are mentioning is WSANO_DATA 11004 which is related to 
DNS resolution problems. Which is kind of expected early in the boot process 
when the Dnscache service is starting and/or Dhcp service might not yet 
configured the DNS.

I presume changing the Endpoint= lines of peers to contain IPs rather than 
hostnames could solve your problem.

See if it helps.

If you can confirm it, maybe we can add some retry on WSANO_DATA in the 
wireguard-windows. (Personally, I would avoid adding hard dependency on 
Dnscache and Dhcp services. As there are situations where they can be disabled, 
preventing the WireGuard tunnel service startup then.)


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