> Event 7023, ServiceControlManager: The service "WireGuardTunnel$HOST-
> WG2" was terminated with the following error: The requested name is valid,
> but no data of the requested type was found.

The error message you are mentioning is WSANO_DATA 11004 which is related to 
DNS resolution problems. Which is kind of expected early in the boot process 
when the Dnscache service is starting and/or Dhcp service might not yet 
configured the DNS.

I presume changing the Endpoint= lines of peers to contain IPs rather than 
hostnames could solve your problem.

See if it helps.

If you can confirm it, maybe we can add some retry on WSANO_DATA in the 
wireguard-windows. (Personally, I would avoid adding hard dependency on 
Dnscache and Dhcp services. As there are situations where they can be disabled, 
preventing the WireGuard tunnel service startup then.) 


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