Hi Britton,

I’m aware of a couple of bugs on the 1810W if you’re trying to use 
RLAN/Flexconnect to drop the traffic out to a locally switched VLAN (local to 
where the access point is).

The workaround for this is to tunnel the wired traffic to controller for 
central switching, which seems to be the method used by most admins anyway.

If you are trying to do the former scenario, those bugs prevent it and it is 
fixed as an enhancement in 8.5+

I don’t think there is a workaround for the bug you mentioned, other than going 
to 8.3 or instructing users not to extend the wired interfaces with a 


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Anybody else running 1810Ws on 8.2 running into the multiple devices per port 


We are deploying 8540's now running 8.2.160 with 1810s in a dorm hall that we 
are refreshing and we were doing some testing this morning and ran into this 
issue. First device recognized would get an IP address, but the second device 
doesn't get an IP and the DHCP renewal on the first device would then fail. ARP 
entries actually time out for the first learned device from the router upstream 
so the AP completely locks up and stops forwarding packets from those 
interfaces. Wireless still seems to function though.

With all of the discussion we've had on this list so far, I'm reluctant to move 
up to 8.3 or 8.4 this close to semester start (2 weeks away) at this point with 
all of our other testing going quite well on 8.2.160 for our roll out, and I 
would rather not run mixed code versions. Anyone have any experience with this 
bug in the wild, and how did you solve it?


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