Run one #6 solid copper ground wire between all ground rods and tie them all together. Make sure the electrical supply ground rod is bonded to this. I would also suggest that you run a monitor test of the voltage at the location over time.

Dan Metcalf wrote:

I have several towers, all of which except for 1 never have any issues, however,
this 1 tower (we are the only tenant) seems to have a problem each year during
lightning season...

Last night it took a hit, although it appears it came through the electrical and
not the tower, but I’m not sure, the UPS was off, I reset it and it came back
online --- but the POE injector did NOT, it was completely shot.

Replaced the POE unit and the wireless gear came online, but started rebooting
after about 15minutes (although it didn't this before, I just changed the POE
from a 12v to 15v) tried a 24v POE, and the radio was still rebooting... Called
the tower climber..

Anyways I looked over the ground and the tower appears to 3 ground rod off each
tower leg and then the building has a separate ground rod - (unless its
connected underground)

Any thoughts?



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