This is why we need our own spectrum boy and girls!!!! I have seen a 40% increase in noise in my area. They all come from Linksys, D-link and others on my downtown tower.

Barry at Mutual Data wrote:

Hello Charles,

(in Chicago, SBC DSL modems now come w/ WiFi
CW> access points turned on broadcasting away...sure, it's a convenience to the
CW> consumers, but I cannot but wonder if this is an "insidious method" of
CW> trashing 2.4 muni-wifi / wisp networks)

We have a village of about 400 homes that has veriscum dsl with
wireless AP's all over it now. You can pretty much stay connected anywhere in 
town and stay on the verizon "hotspot".  No one needs a 200mw AP in
their house IMO.


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