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For those that don't know, the 6 gig band is licensed ptp only. It's a pretty cheap license and you can get a LOT of throughput for very long distances.

For short (less than 50 miles :-) the 6' antenna requirement often kills the deal because of size limits on what towers can handle. Or the building owner doesn't want such large antennas etc.

Certainly for something that just shoots a mile or three up the road it's a tough rule to deal with.

I'm not exactly sure how to go about it but I've got the name of the person at the FCC that'll help us if we'd like to request a rule change.

I'd like to suggest that we push for elimination of the 6' antenna rule for the 6 gig band. If people are worried about undue interference in the band due to the wider beam antennas we could toss out an APC (automatic power control) requirement to use smaller antennas.

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