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Hi Todd,
Check out
If you come to the session, you'll see the results of testing close to 15 different 5 GHz backhaul radio solutions in the following side-by-side real-world environments (same antennas, same test, just swapped radios one after the other)
A. 50' Lab "controlled" Lab Test
B. 5 mile Line-of-Sight Real-World
C. 30 mile Line-of-Sight Real-World
D. 5 mile Urban Non-Line-of-Sight Real-World
In addition, Orthogon is hosting a Preshow Certification / Product overview seminar on Monday, August 15, and registered attendees will get a copy of the WiNOG Coupon Book
In terms of Orthogon, that will qualify you for either
5% manufacturer rebate additional off any Orthogon Product Purchase (so, in your case, it's close to $500 right there)
1 FREE Gemini-Lite link if you purchase over $100k of Orthogon Product (a $7k value)
IMO, if you're serious about making a $9k gamble on a backhaul link, you owe it to yourself to thoroughly research the possibilities
And w/ the WiNOG Coupon offers, you'll more than pay back the cost of attending the conference

August 15-17, 2005

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I am very much considering considering purchasing a Orthogon Gemeni lite system. I just wanted to ask if anyone else out there is using these systems currently in nlos applications and if so how well does it really work? 9 grand to find out is a rather expensive experiment. They claim you can make links where you would think it is impossible. However what they claim and what is true could very well be different as it is in so many other things in life. Any input would be much appreciated.
Todd Lancaster
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