Its all a social thing for me. I don't go to shows to learn anything new much any more. Its all on the Web, or as you say, in the trade show demo / exhibit areas - you can ask some tough questions, like, when will the Atlas radios be working reliably? They rock when they work, but I'm on pins and needles about the links I'm testing going south. hmmm.. If we all end up someplace this year that's just for WISPs, I'll bring a pair and setup a link for the whole period of time and have a 'bake-off'.. No vendors allowed, or promoters..

Mac Dearman wrote:

I personally am so sick of every F**ker trying to sell me something everytime I turn around. I am going to WispCon, but I aint paying to attend a damn thing. Someone will give me a pass for the exhibits and the rest of the sales BS can suck a limb. I do like going to these functions for the meeting of wireless buddies and meeting some I havent ever had the pleasure of meeting. I also like to rub elbows with the guys whose gear I do use.


Charles Wu wrote:


Not sure what I did to get the WiNOG show "blacklisted" - but, taking our
event out of the mix, if you were going to look at alternative WISP/ISP
shows, I'd highly recommend checking out ISPCON

Although wireless is just one component of the show, the Golden Group (show producers) is a highly professional organization that tries REALLY HARD to
cater to the small ISP/WISP

-Charles -------------------------------------------
August 15-17, 2005

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