Am I correct in thinking that this one

will kill you faster than this one?

I would think the seat strap takes pressure off the leg straps. I'm thinking the leg straps is what cuts off the circulation. Is this thinking correct?

Also, I printed the article and will deliver it to the fire chief here so he knows how to save my ass without killing it. =-O

George wrote:

Lonnie Nunweiler wrote:

Not sure if you want to modify your advice of "tie-of and sit down on
the harness seat, and regain your wind / strength" after you read the
following link.  It is potentially dangerous advice if you are not
aware of the dangers in doing so.


I had my guy read this link.

One thing to note, is that the harness with the seat, is not really a seat that you sit in and dangle your feet.
It just adds added comfort.

I think that was an important article for everyone to read.

I mean who knew that this was something that happens.



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