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Well, I guess I found four "dumb" people that got me started.  All my start up funds came from 4 people.  All four were subs from a previous WISP I  owned,  (before my partner took everything over and left me out in the cold)  they all said, "I want you providing service, not the "other guy".  So here I am.  7 months in and going strong.  Oh, almost forgot, like my lawyer has me say......all that is just my opinion.  ;-)               I think "dumb" investors are great!
Charles Wu wrote:
a passive minority equity position stake in a privately held company is worthless, as legally, the person with the majority stake can make 100% of the decisions (in terms of purchasing, spending, cash distribution, etc)
think about it, if it was your money, would you be willing to just "invest it" into a company when the majority partner can do whatever he/she wants to and you have no recourse?

August 15-17, 2005

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would you expand on that?

On 8/22/05, Charles Wu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
FWIW...no invester (other than friends and family) worth their salt will be
willing to invest capital into the company for a minority position, as that
is basically a sure way to guarantee the loss of their money

That said, there is a fool born every day


Dylan Oliver
Primaverity, LLC

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