Not true. Minority stakeholders are actually protected from this behavior in many states. I think the level is 15% in Colorado. If you aren't careful raising money you could end up with your Popsicle in a wringer. Check investment rules. If you take money which exceeds the a certain percentage of an individual's net worth, you could be in trouble. If you don't disclose risks you could be in deep weeds.

You can find Angel investors - just google around for incubators or angel investors. They can and do know how to invest and how to help your company grow. Be prepared to sell off more of your company though as time moves forward.

Charles Wu wrote:

a passive minority equity position stake in a privately held company is worthless, as legally, the person with the majority stake can make 100% of the decisions (in terms of purchasing, spending, cash distribution, etc) think about it, if it was your money, would you be willing to just "invest it" into a company when the majority partner can do whatever he/she wants to and you have no recourse? -Charles
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    would you expand on that?

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        salt will be
        willing to invest capital into the company for a minority
        position, as that
        is basically a sure way to guarantee the loss of their money

        That said, there is a fool born every day


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