Sorry I did not post a reply until now. I just got the opportunity to sit in 
front of a PC. I want to thank you'll for all the E-Mails I got of support. I 
really needed that. Its extremly hard to sit down an even just type something 
about this Hurricane. It has been a nightmare to say the least for all of us on 
the Gulf Coast. All of my family is alive and I am so thankfull for that. The 
mental effects that this has on one is unimaginable. At first I thought it was 
just me but everyone I talk to just begins to break down when they realize the 
reality of what is going on. I am determined to get past this and find the 
strength to be back in action as soon as I can get back home. They are talking 
maybe three months to even drive into New Orleans. I am at my Wifes cousins 
house and Shrevport and just wish all of the other people were as fortunate as 
I to have a roof over there head. Thanks for the offers of help!! Its the 
things such as that, that help us keep strong! Joe Laura 

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