However I don't think we should "get behind" P-15 effort. I would like it to be a joint effort by WISPs, not WISPA, P-15, Cisco, or whoever. Lets do this for the homeless down there with the side benefit of a little name (WISP) recognition. Not for a specific group to "get all the glory". I know WISPA is doing this for the right reasons, but still......Has a WISPA board member contacted P-15? I, as a paid member of WISPA, want to coordinate with P-15 and make this a joint effort. As soon as I get paid I will donate.

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

That was not offlist.....

John Scrivner wrote:

Could you please quote one place where I have asked for any person to NOT support any effort including Part-15? By the way, thanks for belittling the efforts of myself and several other WISPA members. I have given $450 in the last 48 hours myself directly to people helping the effort. I would be there physically helping right now if I could. I hope you and everyone gets involved in some way. Please stop bashing me, Mac and WISPA for what we are doing.

Mark Koskenmaki wrote:

Rick, Bullit has a list set up for thier efforts down there.   Tehy're
organizing an emergency communications response team as we read, so... Get
on the list.   I'm no fan of Bullit's either, but whatever I may feel
personally, doesn't matter. Whoever is putting together action... I'm all
for it and will back in any way I can.

he has a website and a link to the list on the p-15 website.

I'd go tomorrow if I had financial help. I can't even get there with what
I have in the bank.

sad.  This is the time of life when we realize just how badly we need
millionaires with a load of money in the bank.   Too bad so many people
wanted them taxed to oblivion...

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personal correspondence to:  mark at neofast dot net
sales inquiries to:  purchasing at neofast dot net
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----- Original Message ----- From: "Rick Harnish" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: "'WISPA General List'" <>
Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 10:12 AM
Subject: RE: [WISPA] need WISPA to step up

My efforts have been hampered by a busy schedule and a request to our

attorney to find out exactly what we can legally do when it comes to
funneling money directly to individual WISPs in need. I can tell you that it is very frustrating to deal with when there are so many people in need.
I will try to get something on the website today.  Cooperating with

efforts is fine with me.  You will get no chest puffing from this guy
either. I have already committed that I will start the WISPA relief fund

help Joe Laura (member of WISPA) who's business and home has been
devastated.  I will be sending a paypal donation of $1000 to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] today to start that fund.

Anyone wishing to donate money to this effort, please make a note on the paypal donation form for WISPA Hurricane Relief Fund. Other donations for
refugee support should be made through your churches, the Red Cross or
directly to Mac Dearman for his local efforts in northern LA. His paypal
email address is [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I look at these efforts as multi-leveled. There is no one avenue that is better than another. The fact is that all avenues lead to the same goal

that is to help these poor people in need with everything from money to
infrastructure.  Arguing about who is better or who is in the lead is
childish in my mind.

I will send Bullit an email today to see if we can cooperate together in
this effort.

Thank you,

Rick Harnish
OnlyInternet Broadband & Wireless, Inc.
260-827-2482 Office
260-307-4000 Cell
260-918-4340 VoIP

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Behalf Of JohnnyO
Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 9:26 AM
To: 'WISPA General List'
Subject: RE: [WISPA] need WISPA to step up
Importance: High

Oh lord - here we go - nothing like a good pissin match in the middle of
the morning on Friday eh ?

I definitely applaud Mac for providing the Internet and VOIP to the
shelters his church has setup for the Refugees. We have 4 or 5 shelters in the area that we are providing "internet" to - no go on VOIP - we are
not prepared to do it unfortunately.

WISPA does need to stepup and support's efforts as well. To not minimize what Mac or myself or other WISPs down here have done on a
SMALL scale, this project Bullit is heading will need help. It's time
for you leaders to bury the hatchet and overlook past history for awhile
on this one.

Scriv helping 1 shelter or supporting the efforts of a major Wireless
rollout across 3 states on the coast - well - let's just say -
nevermind. Any help that is provided is worth while - I just can't
believe that WISPA is so weak that it is ONLY ABLE TO HELP 1 INDIVIDUAL
! Get real man !


-----Original Message-----
Behalf Of John Scrivner
Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 8:43 AM
To: WISPA General List
Subject: Re: [WISPA] need WISPA to step up

One of our WISPA members, Mac Dearman, has already setup VOIP, Internet,

food and shelter for evacuees, He is doing this right now in Louisiana.
I do not care who gets the glory on this. I sent Mac $250. He has put
out a call for money, food, equipment and people to help him there
today.  I am sure there are many people and organizations willing to
help and I applaud all their efforts including those of Part-15. Right
now I consider Mac's effort in place there to be our effort through
WISPA and I think he is our front line and we should support him. I say
we all give what we can and let those in place doing the work continue
to help. I plan to go there myself and help but I cannot right now. So
you ask if WISPA missed the boat? Call one of Mac's shelter VOIP lines
and ask the evacuees who answers the phone there if we are helping today

through Mac's efforts.

Rick Smith wrote:

I'm wondering if WISPA has missed the boat for the relief effort.

Shouldn't wispa stand behind and work with Part-15 on this one?  This
isn't a race to look best, but an effort to put WISPs on the map as
reliable and trustworthy!

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    Behalf Of Rudolph Worrell
Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 5:48 AM
To: WISPA General List
Subject: Re: [WISPA] need WISPA to step up

I am not sure where you will be getting uplink service to get out to
the world from New Orleans but here is a link to someone who may be
able to help with that.

Quoting Matt Liotta <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

I think at this point there is the support needed to provide help for
the hurricane, but we need some organization. It seems to me this
should be a WISPA lead effort. I think someone from the board should
lead the effort or have the board designate a volunteer to lead the

We are ready to provide support ourselves. We can offer Tropos
equipment for instant Wi-Fi meshes as well as VoIP termination of

phone calls.
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