Part-15.Org Leads WISP Industry Response to Hurricane Katrina Wireless Internet Access Relief Efforts

By now, you’re probably aware that Part-15.Org is working with the FCC to get Wireless ISPs involved in the Hurricane Katrina recovery effort. Here is some detail, current as of 9/4/2005, 4:30 PM Eastern.

First and foremost, Part-15.Org isn’t “coming to the rescue”. Nor is the FCC. At the specific request of the FCC, Part-15.Org is acting as a clearinghouse for the WISP industry in advising the FCC on the collective capabilities that the WISP industry is prepared to offer – available personnel, available equipment, and various requirements. This is being done with a web page data collection, which is in turn periodically forwarded to the FCC.

The most up-to-date information on the web about the Part-15.Org relief effort is posted at:
This page includes links to the various information request forms. It is strongly preferred that all offerings of support of all kinds – equipment, personnel, financial be submitted via the forms. If you can offer support that needs rapid coordination and feedback (larger teams, already in transit, special capabilities), please contact: Claudia Crowley, Project Coordinator for Part-15.Org Katrina Relief, email - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

“Emergency-Relief” is an established and well-used mailing list to coordinate the various efforts already underway and planned – subscribing to it is the most efficient way to be “in the loop”.
The subscription URL is:
mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] to Emergency-Relief List <Replace Volunteer with your nickname>&body=subscribe Emergency-Relief Volunteer &subject=Subscribe To Emergency-Relief List <You can replace Volunteer in the body with your nickname>

Here's a shortened version:
Archives for “Emergency-Relief” can be found at:

A lot of the questions you probably have will be answered by browsing the archives.

At the FCC, the WISP industry is only part of the picture for restoring communications in the affected areas. They’re tasked with the bigger picture of trying to help restore ALL communications – public safety two way radios, broadcasting, telephone, EVERYTHING. That the FCC recognized the WISP industry could indeed help in the relief effort, and asked for their input, is strong positive recognition of the WISP industry.

The FCC is in turn providing the collected information to FEMA which is in charge of the overall recovery effort. This is a fundamental point – nothing will happen officially unless FEMA approves it.

If/when FEMA accepts and approves some or all of what Part-15.Org has submitted, the selected individuals and organizations will be contacted individually.

Part-15.Org is also involved in several parallel, smaller-scale efforts.

One smaller-scale effort is that Part-15.Org is deploying observers to the disaster area for coordination purposes. The mission of the observers is to report back to Part-15.Org what is happening in the disaster area and what resources are needed (doing so from the perspective of an experienced WISP that understands the capabilities of WISPs).

Those observations allow Part-15.Org to “fine tune” the recommendations that it is continually submitting to FCC/FEMA and the composition and role of the teams that will be dispatched.

Another smaller-scale effort by Part-15.Org is to provide assistance to those WISPs that are located in or near the affected areas. They are on the ground, know the situation intimately, and are well-positioned to provide immediate, tactical support. (Yes, there is obviously some overlap between the two.)



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