There is not a "show discount" relationship between WISPA and WISPCON. WISPCON is not directly tied to WISPA in any way. I believe WISPCON has a discount program through Part-15 just as WISPA has with ISPCON and WiNOG at times in the past. There have been no discussions of offering these discounts for WISPCON but would consider it if an opportunity were made available to us. I believe you will continue to see options for the discounts for WISPA members through WiNOG and ISPCON shows in the future as long as the ownership of these organizations see this as a valuable opportunity to help WISPA and themselves.

It should be noted that of all organizations mentioned above that WISPA is the only one that is federally recognized under CFR # 501c6 as a non-profit trade association.. Every other entity listed above is working to make a profit in their efforts and as such would likely be looking to advance individual interests over those of the industry as a whole. WISPA is designed to promote the efforts of WISP operators over and above all other interests. As a matter of law we cannot act to allow one WISP to be given more consideration from the efforts of this organization than another. This means it is truly level ground for our efforts going forward.

This does not mean I think that a "for-profit" company cannot help the efforts of the industry. This is far from true. I am simply explaining the different philosophies and how one could benefit more than another in certain situations. We are firm believers that WISPA is the organization that most fairly represents the interests of WISPs regarding policy issues. Other interests will develop where our industry can share our collective efforts as we did in the Katrina/Rita effort. WISPA will always look for different organizations that can help us forward our efforts of better policy to help us in our industry. Sometimes the other entities will be "for-profit" and sometimes not.

WISPA has decided at this time to not create another show to the mix of what many would say is an "over-crowded" industry segment. We do allow the promotion and advertisement of shows when a show owner works with us to provide an opportunity. This could include a scenario where WISPA can make money and further our efforts through exposure at show events by speaking and or exhibiting..

This may be more information than you were looking for but I wanted to make sure everyone understood the dynamics and position of WISPA in relation to shows around the industry. I hope that helped.

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As a paid member of p15 or wispa?

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As a WISP paid member  does anyone know where I can get discount passes to
WispCon in Dallas October 9-11?

Jory Privett

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