Only thing... A big company has a lot more leverage to control fair play with IPs than you as a small provider. When you own your own block, its real easy for a competitor (large monopoly) to block your IPs without hesitation. Much more thought goes into wether they will block IPs by a large power like Cogent. So there are disadvantages as well as benefits of owning your own IPs. The same applies to peering. Do you think any of us small ISPs will have any leverage at all to negotiate fair peering? Large companies like Cogent have the leverage to be able to negotiate peers with other large palyers like Level3. Level3 didn't restore connections just to be a nice guy to the end users. They did it because they were loosing business fast as well. Because Cogent was large enough to have that impact. I'm now going to be doing BGP and Multi-homing because this insodent, and for a PR perspective, I look more responsive to my customer because of it. But the reality is, I'm not sure it puts us up with that much of an advantage. The day, a LEVEL3 wants to block your traffic, you won't have the leverage to get them to re-open it. What cogent did was to get us better rates. Cogent pays, indirectly we pay. I support Cogents stance. I do not support however that they did not give us notice to prepair for the situation.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
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I hope everyone takes this opportunity to become multi-homed if you are not already. In our case, we were already multi-homed, but all of our IPs were allocated by Cogent simply because it was the cheapest place to get them. During this mesh we learn that our IPs were in some cases being null routed. As such, we have started the process of ordering our own IP block from ARIN and have asked Cogent to assign our existing IPs to us.


Frank Muto wrote:

Level 3 Issues Ultimatum
Restores connectivity to Cogent until Nov 9

Posted 2005-10-07 19:15:54

After restoring connectivity to Cogent this afternoon, Level 3 has now
issued a press release ( explaining
their side of the story
( "Despite more than
75 days of advance written notice of the termination of our agreement,
Cogent apparently failed to notify its customers or make any business plans to prepare for disconnection," notes Sureel Choksi, executive vice president
of Level 3 Communications.

The restored peering arrangement won't last if Cogent isn't willing to
negotiate, however.

"Level 3 has, effective immediately, re-established a free connection to
Cogent. In order to allow Internet users to make alternative arrangements,
we will maintain this connection until 6:00 a.m. ET, November 9, 2005. The
effectiveness of this arrangement of course depends on Cogent's willingness
to maintain their side of the traffic exchange."

Frank Muto
Co-founder -  Washington Bureau for ISP Advocacy - WBIA
Telecom Summit Ad Hoc Committee

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