Paul Hendry wrote:
> Managed to scavenge a P4 system together for testing purposes.

Hey, as long as you're doubling as my personal IT lab... :)

My tests so far have just been traditional AP/client mode, and I'm seeing
the same sort of asymmetrical performance you are. With a pair of RB532s,
depending on the "random-data" and packet size settings, I'm floating
between 12 and 18Mbps. Thing is, I always get better performance with
traffic going client-to-AP than AP-to-client.

Have you, or will you, test with WDS mode? If you've already done so, are
you getting better or worse performance that way? (I may or may not be
able to try that particular setup before I leave for vacation on Friday.
Probably not, because I've not worked with RouterOS' wireless stuff before
and I may not be able to figure out how to set it up. :)

Also, are you using the default packet sizes or have you been playing with
those too? At least in wired network testing I've done before, the real
worst-case scenario involves using the smallest packets you can get away
with (because of the extra overhead in packet creation).

David Smith
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