The 3054's suck. If you can keep them airconditioned, they might stay up for you for a while, but they SEEM to bee overly sensitive to heat. I have a 3054 that I use for my kid's bedroom PC, one for my PC workbench, and a few other locations where I could probably get by with a USB adapter, but since I bought 24 of these POS's, I use them wherever I have a NON mission-critical application, or stuff like that. I once plugged in 10 of them around the house. and associated them all to a Linksys router, and pinged all of them for a week without a failure. In a test environment I don't think I have ever had one fail, but in the field, they seem to spontanieously crap out.

A cheap WDS alternative is a EZ-Y net bridges. I have one on a roof with an omni, about two miles from a MTik AP and associated in WDS mode, and it seems to work well to "fill in the blanks" for nearby customers.

Pete Davis

Dylan Oliver wrote:

Speaking of Senao ... I just ran across some really nasty reviews of the nl-3054 CB3+. My client wants to share a cable connection at one house with two others with LOS and within 100ft. Sounds easy enough, but those reviews ("worst product ever") have me looking again elsewhere. But nothing else seems to offer WPA. The 802.11g is nice, but could pass.

Anyone have anything decent to say about these?

Dylan Oliver
Primaverity, LLC

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