Me too....

Pete Davis. wrote:

I just got an email that was apparently based on my posting to wispa list.

   Hello Pete,

   I noticed one of your recent postings on WISPA list and thought that I
   would introduce myself to you and find out if you have some time to
   how our services help ISPs increasing the Average Revenue earned per
   blah blah blah

What the heck is this?? Is anyone else out there "partnering" with these spammers? I replied and told them that we don't do business with those who contact me unsolicited, and unless they come HIGHLY recommended by another ISP, I won't be contacting them.

According to their website, they help kill viruses and spyware by delivering "filtered" ads. Can anyone tell me if these guys are legit. The whole thing seems goofy to me. Am I missing something?

Pete Davis

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