Make sure you get the free intelisync download from Yahoo, it allows 
you to
sync everything with your desktop Outlook with a press of the button. I like
this feature as it seems much easier to input items on the calendar and
contact list in outlook rather than the web interface on Yahoo. It's also a
great way to keep a full backup of your contacts off site. Yahoo even sends
out email reminders of any appointments.

Thank You,
Brian Webster

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Thank you Matt Larsen.  I just added that to my portfolio of helpful


Matt Larsen - Lists wrote:

> Reliable Internet, LLC wrote:
>> How do ya'll do it?  I used to remember everything, but I am
>> forgetting things lately.  Maybe it's old age (i did just turn 22) or
>> maybe the work volume has increased past my memory's capacity.
>> Either way I need a solution.  Do I go with a program on the laptop?
>> Or some kind of handheld device.  I don't currently own a handheld,
>> and would be willing to purchase.  What seems to be most efficient
>> for you all?
>> Brian
> Yahoo Calendar.  It will also sync up with Outlook so you can share
> the calendar.  We are sharing our calendar with all employees and our
> primary installers.  Not the cleanest, but it works well.
> Matt Larsen

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