Okay, Victoria, so why don't you tell us how you REALLY feel! :-)

"P15 only deals directly with it's suppliers." seems like a lame way out of a NDA to me, but I ain't no lawyer.

I don't know where you have been for the past 18 months, but I saw you announcing your return on the list earlier. Welcome back. Its been a while since I read a rant this well written. Kudos.

There seems to be things like this and more that people have been too polite to talk about "on the air" that I have only picked up bits and pieces to. I would be interested in reading the whole Part15 meltdown story, once all the parts of the story have finished unraveling. If there is a URL with all of the gory details, please let me know.

I have attended 2 wispcons. In 2004(or 2003?), the 200+ attendees and the 50+ exibitors made it very educational and refreshing experience. I saw new technologies and made contacts with many vendors and consultants. I talked with WISP operators who advised me on decisions I needed to make to grow my network, and it was good to see that I wasn't the only one struggling with the things I was struggling with. In 2005, the 30 or so attendees and the 6 or so vendors was kind of a disapointment to say the least. A lot more focus seemed to be on the after-hours entertainment than the business of the convention. With no-show vendors at a show like that, and no-show speakers for the sessions, I guess there isn't much else to focus on though, except the "limo rides" and BS like that.

I suspect that once its ALL over, and there is no risk of anyone suing for slander or libel or whatever, and no bridges to burn, there will be some interesting tales to tell.

Personally, I don't care about the non-profit, not for profit, or for-profit status of P15 or Part15 or whatever he is calling his group, except that IF he is claiming not-for-profit status, I think its VERY fraudulent and inappropriate to run it as a for profit venture. If he wants to CALL it a for profit and run it like that, then let it be, I say, but if a man cannot let it be known what he is trying to accomplish, and who he is going to accomplish it for, he isn't going to accomplish much.

Bullit is a like-able person, with a very positive attitude. Its a shame to see what once was a very dynamic and popular group lose momentum in the face of contraversy like it has. A little dishonesty (or at least the appearance of dishonesty) can go a LONG way to turn a positive into a negative. There are many things in life that are required for success, but it doesn't take much to turn a success into a disaster.

The whole "P15 only deals directly with it's suppliers." line to screw you out of potentially a boatload of commissions seems like something that SOMEONE needs to talk to a lawyer about... but I don't know all of the details of what was or is in anyone's NDAs, non-compete's or contracts. If I was Nuvio, and your sales referral brought me that kind of revenue (that P15 will eventually bring in) I would certainly want to find SOME way to compensate you. But thats just me.

Sorry if this post seems like a Bullit Bash, or a total dump on the Part15 folks. I certainly don't mean anyone any harm. I am sure that I don't have the whole story.

Disclaimer: The comments contained in this email DO NOT neccesarily represent the current opinions of any person living or dead. Pete Davis and NoDial.net are in the business of delivering internet service to subscribers in the South Texas area, and DON'T want to get into a confrontation or legal battle with ANYONE with a differing opinion of any subject discussed here.

Pete Davis

Victoria Proffer wrote:


You can ban me from your list,

I guess that would be ok, not much there any more,

There are many that have warned me against your list and you honor. As well as they have advised me against authoring this email, but you know me, I a bossy broad, damn ex-Marine.

I know not to burn the bridge, but when you kick a person when they are down….I have no choice but to dump a barrel of coal oil on the bridge, hopefully, catching my pitty party in the middle.

I have been so screwed over….I am carrying lighter fluid in my vest, as well as several high gain parabolic and TWO five watt amps and a power converter.

LOL, not really, but yours, Michael, is a bridge I do need to burn, or get past.

I have about a half a dozen emails that you claim Part-15 is a 501.c3.

Where are the filinings?

I have checked with the state of Illinois and there have been , from my understanding, no filings.

I was told about this years ago, but preferred to respect your honor than accuse your dignity.

Clearly this is askew. Part-15.org is NOT A NON-PROFIT. It is clear that you take advantage of the “.org” filing so that you can “bait” newbies to a great party, or it use to be.

Some people tell me never to burn a bridge, or be a ball buster,,,,

HOLD ON…I AM GETTING MY PROPANE…once you flame, I will aim….


Crossing the bridge-à ßburning the bridge.



BTW, buillit, what did you do in New Orleans?

I know guys that worked, latterly their ass off, brought equipment, saved their existing network, and basically in general did a damn good job. I am really proud of Joe Laura, Jim Patient, MAC McDermot. I suspect that, the skinny guy on the Uni was there.

BTW, my new email is [EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> (website soon to come).

I now own the STL network.

Eighteen months and now back to work.

Nice to see you guys.


Victoria Proffer



*/Bullit <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>/* wrote:

Hi V.

I remember you sending me the NDA, but going through your reseller agreement is not what P15 was looking for. P15 only deals directly with it's suppliers. When we were talking about this, I had mentioned to you that I was in contact with Vonage, Packet8, etc. You then suggested I look at Nuvio, which I did. I then contacted them and established a contract with them (directly).

Regarding the statements below, I agree with Brandon, that if you are not able to meet the Nuvio quota's it may be a good fit for you to resell P15's (Nuvio) VoIP solutions. We already have a lot of resellers signed up and P15 is the one with the quota's and not the individual WISPs.


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Is this true?


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Is this true?

Victoria Proffer


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Thank you for the update. Sorry to hear you haven’t begun marketing the services yet, but I understand how other business initiatives can take precedence.

As for P15, I have talked with their Chairman Michael Anderson, and he says that he never signed up as a subagent for you. P15 setup a direct partnership with Nuvio, so any compensation that has been arranged has been setup between Nuvio and P15. Michael says that when P15 was looking into partner programs for VoIP services, that he was contacting Vonage, Packet 8, and some others. He said that you used to be a P15 member and had mentioned to him to check out Nuvio, and he did so, but that you had not been involved at all in educating him on the services or getting them setup as a partner, and he never signed up through you. Michael contacted us directly, and we performed all the work to get them going. I even flew out to their WISPCON event to help educate their attendees on VoIP.

If you would have been more involved with the process, and got P15 setup as a subagent for your company, then you would be seeing some revenues. However, you took a hands off approach, P15 entered into a direct contract with Nuvio, and therefore you are not entitled to any benefits of that relationship. P15 really wouldn’t have been a good fit selling as a subagent of your organization anyway, so I believe everything ultimately worked out for the best. In fact, it may turn out that it is a better fit for you to become a subagent for P15 with how we have the partnership worked out. Ultimately it could mean more revenue sharing for you if you continue to not be able to meet the goals we have set for our direct partners. This consists of 900 residential seats or 300 Hosted PBX seats signed up by the end of Year 1 of the partnership.



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