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Today, many, many companies use email marketing with opt-out instead of opt-in or "shared" email lists from partner companies. You don't like the unsolicited, but well targeted, email campaign. And apparently, you don't want to be cold-called. So that eliminates two of the most popular ways for sales teams to reach you. How would you suggest they market to you?

The truth of the matter is this: Too many marketers take the approach that you seem so intent on promoting. I have no problem with a salesman calling me. If I am not interested, I can tell him, then hang up. In this way, it is easy to scratch my name from their list and they don't bother calling again (at least for a little while) since they don't want to spend time/money to continue marketing to me when I have no interest in their product. Email, on the other hand, costs the marketer NOTHING. At least it cost no more to send 100 than it does to send 10. Because of this, what benefit does the marketer have in removing my name from their list? THAT is the problem I have with spammers. Another part of the problem is HOW the spammers get my email address. Often, I will get messages to my support email account, which is documented only on my website. I don't use that email address anywhere else. Sometimes, it is clear that my email address is lifted from a mailing list. These lists (sometimes) even allow marketing messages to the list. My contention is that these messages should be posted TO THE LIST in accordance with the rules of the list. If it costs money to do that, then that is simply a cost the marketing company should bear. It's no different than the "old days" where you had to spend long distance $$ or postage. In fact, in most cases, it is cheaper to do it that way.

SO, it seems that MY answer to the question of "how to market to me" would be this:

1. If you "found me" in a mailing list, follow the rules for that list.

2. If you "found me" by a web search, then call the phone number that is listed at whatever website you found me on to ask permission to send email, or simply ask me then if I am interested

3. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you EVER send me an email with your advertising by using some list that you got from a third party because you think I MAY be interested in your product. This is the surest way to get me to buy from someone else if I AM interested.

4. If you call me and I tell you I am not interested, DON'T assume that I was mistaken and that it is ok to email me "just to be sure".

5. If I ask you to remove my name from your list of email addresses...JUST DO IT!

6. Direct mail.  This is my preferred method.

More important: How does your sales team market?

As described above.

association, www.ii4a.org). Most telecom agents have left the ISPs alone for a few reasons. One is that is easier and more profitable to sell directly to the end-user. To YOUR customer.

Meaning what? I need to figure out how to keep you from spamming not me, but my customers? This is not a problem, either. I run both the email server AND the firewall. Give me a break.

I'm curious how you would want to be contacted, because without email or cold-call, that leaves direct mail and advertising. (Advertising only works as a branding exercise).

What's wrong with direct mail? Personally, I have no problem with cold calls.

I'm trying to get vendors for an ISP Expo in 2 weeks. Many vendors do not feel it is even worth $199 to advertise. Some feel that ISPs are not a good market. (I'm talking about VOIP alarm companies, VOIP CPE vendors, hardware vendors).

For some products, ISPs are NOT a good market. Doesn't really have anything to do with the topic of spammers.

There is a disconnect between your vendors and ISPs. I'm just wondering how to bridge that gap. (Especially since I have to sell 20 more tickets to the Expo and get 4 more vendors :)

Give me a product that I can make money with, let me know about it in one of the ways mentioned above and I will tell you if I am interested. This is not that hard to figure out.

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