I am on the precipice, ready to take the plunge and become a WISP (After 1 year of zoning, permits, 16 hr days, etc), but one thing still bothers me. I haven't decided how to authenticate clients to my network and REALLY protect their data. The CPE's I will use, rootenna/Senao2611 combos, do only WEP, which only obfuscates data nowadays. MAC addresses can be cloned. Proxy login via a browser is obnoxious for the end user. Ditto PPPoE & VPN logins. There is just no elegant, KISS solution. I was looking at PPPoE or PPTP (poptop/linux) with Radius as my system, since this would accomplish it, but seems like so much trouble and overhead. PPTP is not Mac friendly, PPPoE requires clients (gasp) or a router (gack!) and the PPPoE server shipping with Linux is meant "for testing purposes only - man". I want an Always On (apparently) system for my clients that just works.

How do you other (small) WISPs do this?

Tangent: How do you Senao 2611 users keep Netbios & windows network neighborhood data off the wireless network. I was told to add a SOHO router to the mix, but don't want to invest in more equipment to maintain.

Jason Wallace
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