We'd come out ahead, thats for sure.

Rick Smith wrote:
How  bout nuking N.O. and starting somewhere else ? 

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Although I agree with you, Bell South's actions do not condone the action of the city.

New Orleans could easilly instead announce a grant offer or loan program for small business ISPs, to rebuild New Orlean's
communications systems.

They could understand the problem with having only a monopoly providing most of the services. And they could fix that problem from
the start, empowering the vast amount of talent the industry has to offer, to accellerate the launch of a network. Instead they get
their network designed by a Manufacturer.  The mayor should be helping the peiople rebuild their homes and neighborhoods, and let
the communication companies do their own thing. 
How about giving the grant money to New Orlean local businesses? It may add one or two more local jobs.

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Hi all,

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And with bell having to rebuild their whole infrastructure here in New
Orleans its a bigger slap in the face IMO. The hotel owners are pretty 
with this as well. Ya, the City has really ruffled some feathers over 
Regardless of whether or not the City of New Orleans government needs a 
spanking ;) -- I have a fairly different take on this matter, one less 
focused on the specifics of the New Orleans/BellSouth fiasco and more 
oriented toward BellSouth's general business strategy.  BellSouth is 
clearly attempting to leverage it's market dominance in one area (wireline 
communications) to prevent competition in a different realm (in this case, 
wireless networking).  This is exactly the type of dynamic that anti-trust 
laws were intended to keep in check.

BellSouth's actions in New Orleans are just the most recent manifestation 
of a strategy that _will_ be utilized against folks like us (e.g., 
independent ISPs). BellSouth has systematically attempted to prevent any 
sort of competition within their service areas -- their New Orleans 
tantrum is only the latest example.  I wrote up a brief piece about some 
of their most recent actions here:


I'm sure there are numerous ways in which the City of New Orleans needs 
reforming -- but BellSouth's actions are targeted against any and all 
competitive entities -- they will certainly focus on WISPA members down 
the road.  Instead of blaming New Orleans for what is obviously a 
widespread business strategy, I'd recommend focusing on BellSouth, who 
clearly isn't interested in "playing well with others" and has a 
well-documented history of using its market power to bully others.


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