Brian, I commend you on taking the initiative and (hopefully) proving my
naysaying wrong

However, waving my magic wand (or maybe I'm just full of @[EMAIL PROTECTED]), I 
the following 2 outcomes will occur:

1. Brian will not be able to get enough interest / coordination / payment
for the buying club to succeed, and nothing will be bought

2. Brian will be smart enough to coordinate the buying club, but will
realize that the coordination of the buying club is a lot of effort (effort
that takes away time from running his WISP) -- at that point, he will either

(a) stop doing the buying club, since he will need to address his day-to-day
business needs / obligations / demands

(b) continune doing the buying club, but w/ an initial moderate markup (to
handle his administration costs) -- over time, if he continues to succeed,
he will evolve into a full fledged reseller / distributor for WISPs
providing various value-added services to varying levels of customers, and
the "middleman" will return


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