I think we're not on the same page.

If Brian or whomever wants to do a group buy its not as an ongoing service, but established to buy X units for Y buyers when Y buyers exist for X units. The idea that you buy more than you need, have to inventory it and all that crap is for distributors, not for group buys.

Where it makes sense, be it monitoring systems - where I do have an interest or other product / services that others interested in, I'll join up with like-minded individuals and go buy a bunch of them and get the volume benefit, end of story. I don't care about someone else inventorying them, training me, hand holding me, returning warranty items, financing them for me, or the myriad of wonderful services good distributors can do, since I've paid for that already.

I don't care if the organizer eventually wants to become a distributor, or for that matter is a distributor.

I *DO* care about the fact that BUYING POWER means groups of members pooling resources in order to lower operating COSTS for WISPs.

The outcome I'd like to see is WISPs gain buying power, compete on a level playing field with Cable and Telco and other big buyers. Everyone can play.

And frankly, I support WISPAs direct involvement in paying for some of the overhead to facilitate this effort. I'm pretty much alone on this with the Board, but that's the nature of being a human occasionally. Let's keep it simple.

Charles Wu wrote:

I know you don't support the idea of group buys.

It's not that I don't support the concept, truthfully, I could care less
whether you buy your gear from a distributor, reseller, or direct from the

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