Yes, (joke) let's assure ourselves that all things are motivated by increasing one individual's bank account vs. the group's membership's benefits. Part of the reason I'm not participating in Part 15 is that the organizers of any membership benefit have to do so with the assumption that the GOAL of the effort is member benefits, not organizer benefits from organizing it.

How much money have you made off WISPA John, Rich, Matt, Marlon, I know its a rethorical question - I know how much - none.

If we're always looking at ways we can take the membership for a dollar ride we're not in the right groove.

Isn't it enough that not only the organizer gets a benefit by getting his costs down, but that he's going to have lots of other participants potentially shaking his hand and thanking him for the effort? In this organization, I hope so.

Charles Wu wrote:

I'm getting a lot of interest off list on the group idea. Can anyone
(principal member) set up a mail server for use to talk about this.  ASAP!
Call me a profit-hungering leech, but if I were you, I would try to set up the listserv myself Remember, the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars that Bullit made off of WISPCON & Part-15 all started from a simple Orinoco listserv (on a windows box too) -Charles P.S. better do it before that leech formerly known as Charles steals your idea <wink>

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