I'll see if can do this shortly.


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

I'm getting a lot of interest off list on the group idea. Can anyone (principal member) set up a mail server for use to talk about this. ASAP!


Charles Wu wrote:

I know you don't support the idea of group buys.

It's not that I don't support the concept, truthfully, I could care less
whether you buy your gear from a distributor, reseller, or direct from the

I have just seen it implemented (rather unsuccessfully) many times by ISPs
such as yourselves, and am trying to help you avoid making such a mistake

The idea of a WISP buying group is nothing original, for the past few years,
I've seen this idea come up at least once a month on some WISP listserv /
forum / etc...

However, if it was really that "easy and simple" -- why hasn't it been
implemented yet on a consistent long term basis?

Here's my observation

-The guys that fail with their buying group end up getting their inventory
liquidated on Ebay, go bankrupt and disappear

-The guys that just barely sell their inventory realize how much of a PITA
the organization/operation is, and go back to buying from their

-The guys that are extremely successful become resellers/distributors


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