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Not to pick on anyone here, just please note this. When a subject of a thread has significantly changed from its original content the thread name should be changed accordingly. I attempted this earlier by changing the thread name to "Line of Credit" as that was the subject at hand.

We had an earlier complaint from another subscriber of this list that too much unnecessary quoted text was being left in messages. This is easy to fix and we need to start doing it. Just because memory is cheap does not mean we need to forget how to keep our messages clean and easy to navigate. If a message has been replied to 10 times then it is reasonable to assume you can delete the content from the 7 oldest posts usually.

Email is a difficult medium for handling as much information as we have. Let's try to simplify it with better housekeeping practices such as proper thread identification and with cleaning off quoted text that is no longer relevant to a post.
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Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:

Not true. We have a couple of different lines. They were hard to get, we actually get run under a program for farmers, but we have them.

Believe me though, I can't wait till I get rid of them too though!

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True.... but no bank is going to setup a line of credit for a WISP. It's just too risky... equipment is at hundreds of different locations, they have no control over anything about it, etc.


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