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Rick Smith wrote:

Wanna have lunch ?  I'll take ya on a tour of my network.

I'd like to have someone else come take a look at the stuff I'm pullin my hair 
out on with Canopy.

All I get from Tech Support is "We don't support NLOS at 8 miles"

WELLL...  I can SEE the tower... I've got 99% LOS.... No connection...

For these lists, A little history:

I've got a tower in northern NJ, canopy AP / omni installed at top, 200'.  
Nothing obstructing.  Running on 918mhz.   Veritcal omni from pac wireless - 

Pretty clear survey (very little noise)

At 8 miles out, is my father's house, and a tower we're renting space on soon. (Big 
ole AT&T monster).

I cannot, for the LIFE of me, get a successful connection to either of those 
places, with a canopy SM and 15dbi yagi.   Very little noise at the SM end, as 

I've been around and around with canopy techs, and all they keep claiming is "Oh, 
this is near / non line of sight ?   Forget it.  We're not allowed to waste our time on 
that because it's not supported"

I've been a long time Trango user, and a connection like this in Trango experience is a SLAM dunk.  
  When saying that to canopy techs, I get "we're not allowed to comment on third party 
gear" and I reply "I'm not asking you to, I'm asking you to explain why CANOPY gear sucks 
this bad!"  hehe.

Is trango just that much better at dealing with fresnel incursion, or trees, or 
whatever ?   When canopy techs are asked why I can't get a connection at 8 
miles through 2 saplings, they say because NLOS situations are test and see 
situations.  Some will work and some won't.  OK, I can see that... But which 
WILL if these don't?

Anyhow, just wonderin if there's someone with canopy experience in my area that 
I could buy lunch / dinner...


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