That's the kind of Guerrilla Advertising YOU should be doing.
Pizza boxes, etc.

You might have to go with the old stand-by:
Do you really want Internet from Your Phone Company?
These people can't even get your bill straight.

On Triple-Play: I think that this is a ME-TOO strategy.
If you are chasing after Resi accounts, you might want to look at what the pricing is separately for them to buy the TV piece from cable and the rest from you.
But Resi doesn't have much future in MSAs.

Remember FiOS voice service has an 8 hour battery backup just like VOIP, so their E-911 won't work after a work day. Once the client gets FiOS, all copper is clipped - and they cannot ever use a CLEC again.




Ah but what about the new customer  who is comparing FIOS to what I offer? FIOS
will have tv and voip ( we do voip now but no tv )

Times are a changing and verizon is putting flyers on everything around boston,
ma to promote FIOS, like pizza box's, dry cleaning slips etc

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