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   To verify that I understand,

1. My ap with 3 separate 120deg sectors and radios is limited to 1 watt EIRP per sector/radio, because it is PtMP.

2.  My cpe's get the 3 to 1 rule because they are PtP


More questions:

1. What about using types of antennas that are not certified with the radio, ie, sectors where no sector is approved? This is not so clear.

2. Where can I determine the types of antennas that have been certified with a given radio?


Tom DeReggi wrote:

Its spelled out towards the end of the document.

30 db max radio power + 6 db antenna. PTP 3 to 1 rule applies, to use use much larger antennas at CPE side, and every 3 db antenna gain, minus 1 db radio gain at CPE side.

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Can anyone tell me what the current FCC regs are regarding EIRP? When choosing an antenna radio combo are we limited to the maximum antenna gain that has been approved for use with that particular radio? If so, it eliminates the Super Range 2 radio for me since it's approved for use with only a 2 dBi antenna. Or are we limited to the calculated EIRP (the -1 dB for each 3dBi above 6dBi algorithm), which, would allow the use of a 16 dBi antenna with this radio? I have read and read and it seems that this is very open to personal interpretation. Also it's difficult to determine what the latest ruling is.

Jason Wallace

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