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Faxing was very simple to deal with - keep one line from the ILEC for faxing. That also provides a good place to route 911 requests if they come from within the system. No need to spend the resources to figure out a problem that can be easily bypassed.

If you keep a single POTS line for faxing, how do you manage the backend? You are going to get the line billed separately from your VoIP provider and you won't be able to share long distance or international across the two. Most customers expect to have their minutes pooled across both their fax and voice lines. Then you have the other problem of 911, which is that your solution is NOT compliant with the FCC's requirements for VoIP carriers. Let's not forget about trying to get the customer's voice and fax DIDs in the same block when they need to be spread across VoIP and POTS.

If curious as to why you think the margins are not going to be good with this setup. I've done a lot of studying of this subject, and without large volume committments, there doesn't appear to be a way to get better margins. When I say VOIP on a shoestring, I'm talking about something that is costs about the same as setting up another WiPOP ($2000-$4000) and doesn't have any large or long-term financial committments.

Almost anything worth doing requires a real commitment. If you aren't willing to make a real commitment and the margins aren't that exciting without a commitment then it probably isn't worth the time.


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