This huge thread about CP is amazing.
If you don't want to use them, or don't like their business plan. Fine.
It is the same plan that Level(3) has, so I don't understand the big deal.
You seem really peeved about the initial fee. How is that any different than an install fee?
There are 1200 VOIP Providers. Go get one and get rolling.
Not all of them get your plan. Heck, many of them, don't get my business plan and view of the world, but that's life.
I work with the ones that do - clients and vendors.

About the volume buying:
We (II4A - spoke with CP and others about volume buying DSL, VOIP, DBS, etc. The billing is th key. No one (I have spoken with) wants to bill individual ISPs under a Volume umbrella.
Most want to bill II4A and then II4A bills its members.
Two problems:
Billing is overhead that increases the cost of the service (by about $2 per bill). Collections and cash flow - you have 15 days to pay. How do you collect from all the coop members?
What if a few can't or won't pay? It affects EVERYONE else's business.
Deposits, automatic debit, ACH, etc. are a pain - and, since I know you despise initialation fees, would be a barrier to entry for the little guy.

Those are the realities of volume buying that I have dealt with for 4 years.
Maybe someone else can get around those issues.

BTW, a little CYA:
If I was in your market, competing against you and read your comments on blocking/prioritize, etc., I would use it in my marketing against you. It would only take a little push and it could knock you down. Trust me on this. People like controversy more than anything.


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