Yep. 900 is what I need. 5.8.....ya right. 2.4....sometimes. 900...hits the spot.

Travis Johnson wrote:


I agree with you 100%. However, there is still much to do.... the 5.8ghz product was only the first step... we are currently deploying 60-70 of the 2.4ghz product per month... mainly because of the totally amazing distance (15-20 miles is a no brainer... 25-30 miles is possible with a grid antenna attached). We love the 2.4ghz product. Now we just need it cheaper... not $149... even $250ish would be great. :)

Then there is the 900mhz product.... the "lifesaver" if there ever was one... we now have over 400 customers deployed on 900mhz... customers that we would not have gotten without a 900mhz product on the market. Same with this product line... we need a $250ish CPE... :)

And, not to ruin the party on this thread, but you realize the downside is now every little mom and pop shop can now afford Trango? How many of your competitors will now switch and start installing Trango. :(


Tom DeReggi wrote:

I'm not sure if everyone really truly realizes what has just happened.
It took an hour or two for it to really sink in, I think I must have been in shock.

Last year when Betas were send out, they asked, how many we wanted to buy, before they shipped.
This year, they just sent them, and I wasn't told the price.
Was it sorta like a restaurant with no prices on the menu?
Send us the gear to see how nice it is, and then tell us the big price tag after we realized the advantages? Think about it, Like a Fox, but will be able to do up to 30 mbps, cross platform supported! They jsut released a Fox-D2 for the low price point model. The M5580 was likely going to have a bigger price tag, if I guessed. What was it going to be, $300, $400, $500? When I heard $150 today, I able shxt myself. I was blown away. I never expected it.

I remember three years ago, when everyone was talking about the 2 year ROI on equipment, wishing that if they only had a $500 CPE! And one came, thanks Trango. And then some people started getting greety and pushing the limits, and said "If we only had a $300 CPE". And sure enough it came. Thanks Trango. (Also a few others like Tranzeo releasing 2.4Ghz for under $150). Some jerks actually had the nerve to then say, "if I only had a $150 CPE!". It just plain got rediculously funny at that point. Then Like Emeral would say "BAM!" Trango did it agin, "$150!!!!". This is truly a defining moment in history. No NOT for a commodity WIFI product, not for a 2.4Ghz product. But for a Commercial Robust WISP product! Equivellent to what we easilly paid $500 for, less than a year ago.

I was lucky to share an experience this past October at a Trango meeting. After the reception, some of us stuck around to hang out. We were all dreaming about what we needed, to be more successful and sell more radios. Then out of nowhere "Z" gets all serious and asks "What If...we had a $200 CPE?" We respond, "how much quantity would that take? 5000, 10,000?" Instantly, Travis is like, "at that price I'd commit to 5000, 1000 at a time." Then I was like, "I'd take 500". Etc, etc. Then we all realized we were dreaming and drinking way to much wine, and called it a night. CPEs were still $400 at that time, ya know. God what a poker face! I thought Z was kidding! And the irony in it all, quantity 10,000 is not required! Just qty 30! And its only $150, not $200! I just don't know what to say.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm not going to be in the tech room tommorrow. I'm going to be in the marketing room, making new materials, and crunching numbers. Our business plan may have just changed overnight, with this recent Press release. Think about the potential! The residential market is going to be broken wide open, with this pricing. If I didn't have a box of M5580s sitting on my desk, I'd ask somebody to pinch me, to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

Trango... Thanks!

PS. PLEASE, NOBODY SAY, " If I only had a CPE for $75", I don't think my heart could take the results.

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