We have a lot of fence rows in this area so 900 is going to be a necessary
evil like it or not. I tried using 5.7 Trango for a few installs early on
and just couldn't get any range out of it in this area, and the noise floor
is fairly high in 5.x around here. 

It seems like more and more people are starting up in this area all the time
and the noise floor continues to rise, I would like to find a solution that
does well in noisy environments and maybe even something that uses the
spectrum a bit more efficiently than standard 802.xx. 

Our FHSS has been great as far as noise has been concerned. We have had two
competitors come in and install DSSS 2.4 within a few blocks of our FHSS and
we never saw any difference. They have done installs shooting directly over
the top of our customers on the same polarity and again it just keeps
plugging along. The others in the area definitely don't give a hoot about us
and how could possible affect our service or customers so I need to do what
it takes to keep our network as robust as possible. I wouldn't mind sticking
with FHSS but I just don't see it giving us room to stretch our legs as
customers expect faster and faster connections.

It is starting to work out for us though because we are starting to get
calls from their customers inquiring about switching over to our service
based off of recommendations from their neighbors.


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Is foliage a problem in your area? Sounds like your using a lot of 900
gear. If foliage is not a problem you might want to look at 2.4 or
possibly 5.7 gear.

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