I think we seem to have a little bit of twisting of thoughts and words that needs to get put to rest. First, I do not PROMOTE regulation in stating my position that I think we need to all fill out the FCC Form 477 which is mandated by the FCC to track broadband subscriber counts in the United States and is the law. This form was partly created because of WISPs telling the FCC for years that there were thousands of us out there and that we needed to be represented in the FCC. This was there way of tracking who they were, how they were serving broadband and how many customers they serve. This was there way of acknowledging you guys. The United States has a keen interest in seeing the access to broadband being delivered to all residents and businesses as it is seen as vital infrastructure by most government authorities. This is a fact and will not change nor will their intentions of being part of the process. I have never once ever seen or heard anything to demonstrate that by filling out this form that you have done anything other than provide to the FCC information that they need to demonstrate that broadband is in fact being delivered. Whether you fill out this form or not it would take the FCC only about a week to shut every single one of you down if they had that as their agenda. They do not. They could trump up an argument that wireless was a national security threat or something and turn you off. Despite the fact that our industry (namely the broadband industry) is being heavily watched and manipulated in all levels of government I do not see one thing negative in us simply filling out the form which at least gives us some credibility that we need some representation as an industry. The idea that it is best for our industry to ignore this rule by the FCC and also limit the recognized impact of our industry by not sending in this information is bad for WISPs. How can it possibly be good for us? We are talking about the idea that ignoring the FCC rules is someway good? Give me a break! It shows us as being negative to government (which is going to be involved whether you like it or not) and it also shows to regulators that we apparently are NOT serving broadband. This is the very story we have been trying to tell for years. Once we have a vehicle to allow this to be told we seem to now have people on here saying it is evil. This is so counter-productive to our mission here guys. How is it that sending in comments on FCC rulemakings, visiting the FCC or anything else like that is ok but telling the FCC how many broadband subscribers we serve is bad? If we want to make this a dividing issue we can but how silly is that guys? I do not think asking our peers to follow the law of the land is too much to ask. If you guys want to get some changes made to this reporting system then let's have that debate but make no mistake, the law says you have to do it and this is not some place where you guys get to say "I am going to break the law and here is why". That is precisely where the line is drawn. You can say what you do not like about the laws but you do not get to promote that you break the law or that others should break the law. This is the line in the sand.

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