I'm just flat out scared of the FCC. The way they are in bed with AT&T and the likes. To be honest, I can get by on what I have. (900, 2.4, 5.8) 3.6, 700, and TV bands would be nice, but what is the cost? I'd rather hide in the corner with a tin foil hat and not exist.
John Scrivner wrote:

There is going to have to be a compromise here guys. We will not be putting together the composite subscriber data for the FCC. There are no provisions for it. We can ask but then quite frankly I am not too keen on telling them that most of our members here seem to be reluctant to tell them who they are.

We have to determine how the form has created this belief among you that the FCC is going to use it for harm. I want to see real answers here and not just conspiracy theories. If the FCC did not ask for the source of the information then what would stop us from telling them we had 10 times more customers than we had? There is no accountability if the data cannot be verified. Why is it assumed by all of you that the same organization who created unlicensed spectrum policy is now going to find some way of destroying the industry that was created by that policy:?

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