Let's just get clear right up front...   It appears you believe that if we
all appear to be good boy scouts and have feel-good politics, we're more
likely to get what we want considered.   I disagree.  I dont' think it'll
get us even 3 seconds reconsideration.   But I do believe if we make
forceful and logical, and well-reasoned arguments, it far outweighs whether
or not some of us are more than just a little atagonistic toward being
counted, filed, folded, spindled, and reported.
If we start rolling over now, they will ask for more and more and more........... If all they want is the number of subs, then lets all turn info into WISPA and WISPA can give the lump number. Why do they freakin need to know if I wear boxers or briefs?

Ever heard of  http://www.fire-the-senate.com/

It's time for.......

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