Increasing the Voltage beyond the specifications will kill the radio. Putting a higher power - (current) PSU shouldn't hurt the radio. The radio will 'draw' the needed current only.
The power consumption if assumed constant,

P (Power) = I (Current) x V (Voltage)

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It's not actually mine. It's another's from the list. We were talking about it. But I am sure that on my 230 ft run of cat 5 that I had to replace an 18v 1a with an 18v 2a to get the radio to stop rebooting. The individual I was talking to thought if you up the amps it will kill the radio. I thought if you up the volts it kills the radio. Who is right?

Well, actually I know what the cat 5 is.  It's comscope 25 pair.
Which brings up another question. Who does this? Run a single bundle of 25 pair up towers and use punch down blocks. Any issues with this?


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I'm normally a lurker, but maybe your problem is in the 300' run of CAT5. What kind is it? You may be getting signal degradation which is causing the
sporadic radio behavior.

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I'm a little confused here. I'm working on a 300 ft run of cat5 and have a question. The radio is acting sparatic. The power supply has already been upped from a 18v to a 24v. Both 1 amp. Will it hurt to put a 24v 2 amp power supply in? If I "over do" on amps or volts, what blows a radio. One or both? I seem to remember being told that a radio only takes what amps it needs, so putting a higher amp power supply in won't hurt, but if you put too many volts in, that will fry them. Please clarify me on this.

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