I support your view.
We can not assume that the FCC's intent for Wireless is evil, just because there is huge lobby efforts by our competitors (Cable and Telephone) and Lots of debate at the FCC to address equality issues regarding VOIP, that has generated much hippocracy and trouble in the FCC and Governement. For example, I don't think there is any evidence that gathering Data on WISPs is for the purpose to establish a basis for Taxing. The support of Wireless has been nothing but possitive from the FCC and ALL their officials. Even with lacking support for 700Mhz, its not because of lack of support for WISPs, but because the strength of the counter view broadcasting industry. Its important that Wireless provider show proof that they are a large enough size to be considered part of the solution. The only way wireless providers are going to start getting grand money and funds from governements to help them grow, is for them to show their possitive unique contributions. The ONLY reason, I could see that reporting would be a negative thing, is that if most WISPs actually have fewer subscribers than they represent, and they don't want to let the FCC know the truth, because if they do, they won't be recognized adequately because their small scale, and WISPs do not want to lie and create a record of untruth.

Wireless is not a young indistry at this point. It took DSL 5 years to reach mass penetration. I personally have been in this industry for 5 years, and haven;t met mass penetration yet :-) Why are we growing so slowly. Showing a small subscriber base, could tell the FCC they need to favor companies that have quicker growth potential, like the ILECs and Cable companies that are taking on millions of customers. Give them the spectrum to deploy quicker than small WISPs can do. Thats my fear.

But the truth is, if numbers are low, that has to be shown, so we can make cases to the FCC why the numbers are low, and how they can help us get past the barriers that are slowing us. Does the FCC realize that Wireless providers in teh Urban america have such slow growth because lack of easements? Do Otard rules need to be expanded? Are higher power levels needed in spectrum, etc. Manufacturers have to much pull with the FCC, because they can backup their requests with billions of dollars in sales. Can we the WISP community?

I think we have to try. We need EVERY SINGLE PERSON REPORTING making our numbers higher. Because we need to be recognized as a group that NEEDS assistance, Because we are helping Society today. IF more people had reported, maybe we would ahve had more favoratism with the 700Mhz debates?

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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There is going to have to be a compromise here guys. We will not be putting together the composite subscriber data for the FCC. There are no provisions for it. We can ask but then quite frankly I am not too keen on telling them that most of our members here seem to be reluctant to tell them who they are.

We have to determine how the form has created this belief among you that the FCC is going to use it for harm. I want to see real answers here and not just conspiracy theories. If the FCC did not ask for the source of the information then what would stop us from telling them we had 10 times more customers than we had? There is no accountability if the data cannot be verified. Why is it assumed by all of you that the same organization who created unlicensed spectrum policy is now going to find some way of destroying the industry that was created by that policy:?

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

Let's just get clear right up front... It appears you believe that if we
all appear to be good boy scouts and have feel-good politics, we're more
likely to get what we want considered. I disagree. I dont' think it'll
get us even 3 seconds reconsideration.   But I do believe if we make
forceful and logical, and well-reasoned arguments, it far outweighs whether
or not some of us are more than just a little atagonistic toward being
counted, filed, folded, spindled, and reported.

If we start rolling over now, they will ask for more and more and more........... If all they want is the number of subs, then lets all turn info into WISPA and WISPA can give the lump number. Why do they freakin need to know if I wear boxers or briefs?

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