I don't know what volume Matt's dealing with. But, I haven't checked the lowest prices in a few months; so my interest was piqued.

Here's what I found. If anyone has any experience with these providers, let me know. Both provide IAX2 and SIP.

sellvoip.net (since '97)
Product         Monthly Cost    Setup Cost      Usage Cost
Local DID       $1.00   $1.00   $0.011 per minute
Toll-Free DID   $1.00   $2.00   $0.020 per minute US 48*

LNP available
DIDs were local to many rural GA areas (where I am)

USA termination - $0.009
Toll-free terminatoin - $0.005
6/6 billing

Currently, I use voipjet.com and voxee.com with much success. Domestic rates are $0.013 and $0.011 per minute, respectively. I think they both bill 6/6.

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