That is a rediculous comment.

This is a WISP list, to discuss issues related to WISPs. Not a marketor's LIST to discuss product for large scale telcos, cable monopolies, and DialUp ISPs. So if a Marketor discusses their product here, it is with the purpose to attract partnerships with WISPs. Their model is NOT designed to work with current day WISPs. As there is no WISP that I am aware of in the country with 10,000 subs to date. If someone is discussing a product on this LIST, it is appropriate and an obligation of the WISPs on it to speak up on what is required for that product to be accepted into the WISP markets. That feedback is as helpful to the solution provider as it is for other WISPs.

Every partnership business model (Which Adzilla is) requires two parties, the one offering a services to the ISP (Adzilla), and the ISP launching the service. As a WISP, I have as much of a right to discuss and challenge the business model of advertizing to my eye ball customers, as the the person pitching the service. I'm not just going to take their word for it that it requires a $20,000 peice of hardware. I remember my Mail provider telling me that I needed a $10,000 mail server software, well I'm doing just fine with Merak's $1500 version. I'm not trying to tell Adzilla how to run their business, I'm just discussing how they should run their business to attract WISPs. As I am educated in that field, as well as high throughput router/appliance systems.

probably pretty familiar with their business and have designed their architecture with that in mind.

Thats the problem, many business do that. They design an offering with their business in mind, instead of the targeted partner's business in mind. Both sides have needs to consider.

Unless you are planning an entry into their business you probably want to take their word for it.

If that were the case, we'd still all be using main frame computers, and paying $500 a month for ISDN circuits to our homes, and letting Compuserve rule the connectivity world.

Adzilla does not own the idea of advertising to ISP's consumers, wether it be Click Throughs or Portal advertising. It should be a part of every WISP's thoughts in developing their business's worth, as it is in mine. Discussing Adzilla's approach is not just about discussing Adzilla's approach. Its also about looking for better more cost effective ways to launch similar services. If Adzilla finds away to do it catering to WISPs, more power to them, I'd likely jump on the bandwagon appose to develop myself. Its not uncommon to start a business model catering to the largest prospects first, and then after the fact start adapting and innovating to make it more affordable for the smaller players. There approach may be appropriate based on their stage in progress, just like some WISPs start by serving business customers (the gravy) before going after the low margin residents But I don't know about you, but I don;t plan my business models around the stages other companies are at, I have needs today. I have over 20,000 residential subs living within tenant buildings that I am under contract to have the right to serve, should I decide to. (To be clear: prospects not paying subscribers). The numbers aren't that exciting providing Broadband alone, so I have not yet deployed many of them. But the numbers do start to get exciting, once you start including value added revenue such as VOIP, Selling the rights to Eyeballs/Advertising, And any other value add that can add a dollar here or there. So yes, It is my business to understand the best ways to provide content/advertising to my subscribers, and if selling access to it, is something I want to do. For higher paying subs where their subscription fee pays for delivery of service, I decided not to be involved in content/advertising for ethical reasons. However, there is a huge market, sub $20 a month subscribers, that I would have no problem selling eye balls, as thats the trade off for low cost broadband.

Disclaimer: My comments herein are NOT directed at ADZILLA, but directed solely at Matt's comment.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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Tom DeReggi wrote:

Well thats the question. Does it have to be that way. I don't see the need to have all the traffic flow through it. I see it sitting in parallel, and just certain type of traffic gets redirected to the cache appliance server that adds the marketing data.

You aren't familiar with their business and neither am I. However, they are probably pretty familiar with their business and have designed their architecture with that in mind. Unless you are planning an entry into their business you probably want to take their word for it.


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