I just think paying what the Airaya cost is not worth what it really is, where a Tranzeo or similar based 802.11a gear can be had cheaper


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Times are changing.  If you want devices with lots of chips and blinky lights you'll have to pay extra.  Everything it done at the board level these days.  And everyone is using the same basic chip set these days.  Airaya writes their own mac level firmware for them.


I have 4 links.  2 of the original version (prior to what you've got there) give me a little bit of trouble on a tough link (fresnel zone).  The new radios haven't skipped a beat though.


I love my Airaya radios.  They've been a great value.


I'm curious, you've not said why you don't like them.  Is there something about the performance?  Software?  Setup?  Gotta be something other than what's in those pics.



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Hey Folks,


Last month I posted to the list asking about low cost 5Ghz bridges and a few folks responded that I should check out Airaya.  I decided to give them a try based on some really excellent discounts from one of our vendors.  In short, I hate them J  If you’re interested in why, feel free to hit me off list..


We bought two complete links and before installing the first one I cracked it open and took a picture of its high tech innards to share with this list.  I hope this helps those looking at sub $3k PTP bridges. 











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I have never used the Solectek equipment and am looking at either trying their Skyway 7101 or the Trango Atlas for some short building to building links.  I have seen enough favorable posts about the Atlas to know plenty of you are using it successfully – although I sure wish I could get one of their sales folks to return a phone call.  Leave a message about buying 250 CPEs and no one calls back....  Anyway J


I would like to get opinions on the Skyway 7000.  This would be for very short <.5 mile links between buildings.  We would normally use Terabeam/Proxim systems but are looking for alternatives with similar capabilities and 20-40% lower cost.  Any info/opinions on reliability and real world throughput would be great.





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