I am sure there will be others, but likely the first will be Airspan ( May is Beta ) and Aperto ( shipping in June ). Redline likely will have product as well, but based on the fact that both Aperto and Airspan have considerable experience with QOS PTMP, I would think they will have the only great product out there. As well, on the CPE front, there are a number of taiwanese ODM's expected to announce
sub 300 dollar integrated CPE.



On Apr 4, 2006, at 5:28 PM, George wrote:

Ok, so far Jeff is the only one to say that unlicended Wimax will be available with Aperto and Airspan.

What do you know Charles?


Charles Wu wrote:
Alvarion VL is based on a WiFi chipset (this isn't meant to knock Alvarion, since almost every 5 GHz PtMP WISP manufacturered product out there is also
based on a similar chipset)
Alvarion BreezeMAX (they're product pending WiMAX certification) doesn't
operate in 5 GHz
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I thought Alvarion was Wimax, or wimax-able, or wimax compatible, or software-flashable to wimax. Wimax-ilicious, or something.

From what we have seen most of the unlicensed WIMAX will come into

its own

in the first half of 2007. The limitation for low cost units comes down to the chipsets, we have tested prototype mini-pci WIMAX radios (5Ghz) but they are far from ready for prime time.

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What is going on with unlicensed WIMAX?
Is there any products released yet or about to be released? Thanks
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