If a system hasn't been through the interoperability testing, it ISN'T WiMAX - at all. Absent the certification of interoperability, at best what the vendors will be shipping and selling prior to achieving certification is a proprietary product with perhaps some "WiMAX features".

Vendors have been known to change their mind about guaranteeing "upgrade to final specifications" and likely a number of vendors will ship products and completely eschew the formalities of WiMAX interoperability certification. Nothing wrong with that unless they try to pull a fast one trying to associate such products with WiMAX, implying interoperability, where none is actually guaranteed.

There is not, and cannot be, 4.9 GHz "WiMAX" products because there is not, nor is there likely to be, a WiMAX Forum profile for 4.9 GHz given that band is US only, and the US is projected to be a minor market for WiMAX gear. So those vendors that claim to be, or soon will be, shipping "4.9 GHz WiMAX" gear are in fact shipping a PROPRIETARY system; absent WiMAX certification, there's no guarantee whatsoEVER of interoperability.

The entire POINT of WiMAX is interoperability!

The market is going to have to sort out the vendors who falsely claim "WiMAX" for their systems; apparently the WiMAX Forum has no intention of doing so.



On Apr 4, 2006, at 21:37, Jeffrey Thomas wrote:

That is correct, however those companies are expected to be shipping product ( and are taking pre orders ) that will comply with the testing whenever the gods at wimaxforum decide to get off their collective arses and certify 5.8. Airspan for example, already has wimax 4.9 product and is getting FCC certification. So in conclusion, yes on product, no on the interop profile or tests yet.




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